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Innovative business
growth solutions

Enabling businesses to accelerate growth and improve cash flow by spreading the cost of company devices and services over time

Equip teams

Manage devices

Spread the cost

Flexible finance

Make sense of data

Generative AI tools

Hire talent

Talent marketplace

Our solutions

Technology solutions designed to propel business growth


FirstPath: Empower teams to accelerate business growth

SME businesses can equip their teams with devices and services while spreading the cost over 2 years



SecuredPath: Making Technology More Affordable

Enabling telcos and finance companies to sell smartphones via instalment payments at reduced risks



Our technology services

At our core, we develop technology services that empower companies so they can spend more time growing their business

Team equipment & business services

Automatically equip teams with devices and services while reducing upfront costs

Improve cash flow by spreading the cost of purchases over 2 years

Device buyback program supports a circular economy to reduce waste

Leverage our technology to de risk lending by reducing device functionality

Business tools powered by generative AI

Business focussed generative AI tools help teams work better.

Upload internal HR and other key company documents

Connect apps such as Jira, Confluence and Slack 

Search across business data and market information

Talent & consultant marketplace

Onboard consultants and fractional staff paid on instalments over 3 to 9 months

Companies can connect with the right experts and top talent

Consultant maketplace

Allow staff to request new experts join the team and have them approved

Partner with us

Find out how we can help you, We work with a range of partners from Telcos, Retailers, Finance companies and more

NewPath 2023 - Binomia Ltd

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